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Frequently Asked Questions

Dried Lavender and Preserved Flowers

Are your lavender fresh?

No, our lavender are all imported dried. There are no fresh lavender fields here.

How long do dried lavender last?

Dried lavender shed easily, the buds fall freely. They usually last about 1 month in a non humid and dry environment. Do not place them in damp places. Squeeze or crush the buds to release the scent or you may add lavender essential oil to rejuvenate the scent once in a while. Colours of dried lavender will fade over time, becoming less vibrant and dull. 

How long do preserved flowers last?

Preserved flowers can last 1 to 2 years. They need minimal care and do not need water. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight.

Preserved flowers and dried flowers, are they the same?

No, they are not the same. Preserved flowers are real flowers that go through a preservation process that allow that allow the flowers to maintain its natural look and feel. Dried flowers are also real flowers that have been dried naturally. They are brittle and may break easily and are not as long lasting as preserved flowers. 

Preserved flowers and dried flowers and fillers are seasonal and of different batches and may differ in colour. 

Are your lavender buds edible and suitable for cooking?

No, they are not edible. Our lavender buds are for non-culinary purposes.

No two arrangements are identical. Flowers and fillers are seasonal and may be replaced if out of stock.


Is there a delivery fee?

Yes there is a delivery fee of $9 per location. Prices are subjected to changes.

Is self pick up at your store available?

We do not have a physical store and self pick up is unavailable.

How soon can you deliver once an order is placed?

Orders placed before 3.00 PM will be delivered next day. You may also specify a preferred later date in the Delivery info section of the cart page. We will follow your indicated preferred later date in the Delivery Info section if you have provided a date. Please then ignore the next day delivery.


How do i know if my order has been placed?

You will receive a confirmation email with details of your order and order number. If there is any missing info, we will contact you to clarify, hence please provide email address and contact number. 

Can i specify a delivery time?

Sorry we are unable to promise a specific time for delivery. We will try our best to deliver your flowers early.

Are there deliveries on Public Holidays?

We are closed on public holidays hence there will be no deliveries.

Payment Modes

What are the payment modes available?

You can pay by PayPal or Credit cards.


Do you customise flower bouquets and bridal bouquets?

Sorry we do not customise bouquets.

Do you do flower preservation?

Our preserved flowers are imported, we do not carry out preservation process.

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