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Sachets filled with heavenly fragrance from dried lavender buds, place them in your bags, wardrobes, shoe cabinets, car and bathrooms. Lavender has always been a favourite and is said to reduce stress and promote sleep. The sachets last a few months and once the smell starts to wane, you may invigorate it once more with a few drops of essential oil. Our dried lavender buds are not for culinary purposes. Dried lavender sachet 20g each. **Price is per sachet.

Dried Lavender Sachet

  • Lavender Sachet
    *Price stated is for 1 Lavender Sachet

    Measurements (Approx):
    7.5cm X 13.5cm  Weight: 20g

    Note: No deliveries from 9th February to 12th February 2024.

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