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Preserved Blue Hydrangeas in Box.

There is no better way to say “thanks” than with our hydrangea boxes, gifts to help you express appreciation for the things people do, big and small, an idea so thoughtful, everyone would love it. Because of their many meanings, hydrangeas are great for many different occasions including heartfelt moments, apologies and thanks. All our hydrangeas were carefully preserved to retain its original texture and allowing their flower veins to be clearly seen.​

Blue Hydrangeas

  • Measurements (Approx):

    Square Box
    12cm X 12cm X 12cm Height (without flowers)
    13cm X 13cm X 15cm Height (with flowers)


    Round Box with handle
    15cm Diameter X 12cm Height (without flowers)
    18cm Diameter X 16cm Height (with flowers)

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